Fun Things to Do This Weekend

Happy Summer to You!

The Fourth of July is now a memory for 2014 and we are halfway through the year already!  I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday!

The real estate market in the Treasure Valley is very active right now with the May median home price of $209,000; up 7% from May 2013. Our YTD median price is $205,000; up 9% over last year!  If you are thinking of selling your home, now is the time to get it on the market.  Most buyers want to get settled before school starts so they are shopping now.

Contact me to determine your home value.  When you market your home with me, I will provide a FREE home warranty through Landmark Home Warranty.

Fun things to do THIS WEEKEND:

Friday – Food Truck Rally benefitting Idaho Special Olympics

Saturday –  Eagle Fun Days – Wet & Wild parade this Saturday at 2pm!


Hope to see you there!



What It’s Like to Live and Work In Boise, Idaho

So you woke up at 5am to fit in a workout before getting ready for work.  Then you slid into your car where your butt will be planted for the hour and a half commute into work. Your coffee spilled down your front because you had to break suddenly for the traffic jam in front of you.  You worked all day, just to turn around and make the trek back home. You barely saw day light.


You live in Boise!  You woke up at 6am because your gym is right around the corner. Or perhaps it’s a nice day and you decided to ride your bike to work – commute and workout at the same time! You had lunch on the greenbelt overlooking the Boise river, then biked back home before sunset.

Boise, Idaho

Which sounds better? You know the answer!  Boise is a great place to live, work, raise a family, and retire.  Forbes just named us in Top 25 Best Places to Retire! But don’t just take my word for it!  Check out this Great Site produced by The Boise Valley Economic Partnership and the Idaho Department of Commerce.  It features real testimonials from real people who now call Boise home.  Additionally, you can find stats and resources to help you research your new city.

Check it out: Big Ideas Grow Here

Congratulations to Rizen Creative on a fantastic site!

Finding the beauty in winter

It’s been a hard couple of weeks for those of us living in the Treasure Valley. A deep and depressing inversion has kept the sun away for longer than tolerable! Are you new to Boise and don’t know what an inversion is? Here’s a great explanation and visual description:

The making of a weather inversion

The making of a weather inversion

For more info on what makes an inversion:
What Is An Inversion

People are so thirsty for sunshine they are driving up to Idaho City  or Bogus Basin just to see the sun. As dwellers of this usually beautiful and mild valley, we are not accustomed to extended periods of time without the sun so we head to the hills to bask in it’s glory.

January inversion as viewed from the road to Bogus Basin

January inversion as viewed from the road to Bogus Basin

To get us through, and help us remember that there can be beauty in winter, I’m sharing these photos that I took before the inversion took it’s hold.

Boise River

Boise River in Winter

frosty pine

Frosty pine on a sunny winter day

Hopefully this inversion will pass in the next few days, as the forecast suggests, and we can all avoid a serious case of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Boise River, near Eagle Road

Boise River, near Eagle Road