What is a walk-through?

Sounds simple enough, right?  A walk-through is just that, but so much more.  As a home buyer, this is your last chance to thoroughly examine the property before signing for it on closing day.

Watch this video to get the full answer to the question of What is a walk-through?



Reverse Mortgages

I took a class this morning on Reverse Mortgages. It was fascinating and could be so helpful to many people! If you or someone you know is over age 62, you should check this out!

What does Home mean to you?

I love this new ad from Coldwell Banker! The dog jumping out of the car, kicking off your shoes at the front door, and sinking comfortably into your couch. All of the great things about owning your own home and making it a comfortable place for you and your family. Even your dog.

A little Motley Crue for the nostaligia doesn’t hurt either! #HomeRocks!