What a nice surprise! Review of local shop Bee Wise Goods and Soda Works

Last weekend, my daughter and I were out running some errands and we decided to do a bit of thrift store exploring. That intention evolved into an excursion of visiting little shops that we pass by all the time and had never checked out.


One stop in particular will be on our list to visit often – Soda Works & Bee Wise Goods on State Street.  I always knew this little spot looked intriguing from the outside.  When we walked into the Bee Wise side of the shop, we didn’t know where to look first.  It is a wonderful mix of antiques, fun fabric, and essential oils.  You can also find an abundance of jewelry, accessories, handbags, and other fun stuff – all made by local artisans.Image

I picked up these cute, vintage overnight cases.


When you walk over to the other half of the store you discover the reason for the name. They have an entire wall filled with craft sodas. Every flavor you can imagine, many made with natural ingredients and less than 80 calories.

Thankfully, there is also a refrigerator where a good selection of sodas are chilled and ready to try on the spot.  We were pretty thirsty after our shopping adventures so we decided to try some. Right away my daughter noticed the Izzy drink and wanted what was familiar. We agreed that we would try something we hadn’t tried before. She chose the Reed’s Raspberry Ginger. I chose the Americana Cherry Cola.  We both loved our choices!

But that wasn’t the best part of the shop! Tucked in the back of the shop is the best bakery in town (sorry Big City). The shopkeeper expertly described each baked good in great detail, leaving our heads spinning with choices. In the end, I could not back away from the vegan chocolate cupcake made with avocado.  I know, it sounds weird but I swear it was the best chocolate cupcake I’ve ever had! My daughter chose a dark & white chocolate chip cookie. On the first bite I think her eyes rolled back and she made a low moan. It was a huge cookie that she couldn’t finish on the way home – a first!

This cute little shop tucked in a weird, old strip mall along a traditionally non-retail area of State street will definitely be on our list.  Whenever we need a quick treat or a unique gift. No wonder it received the Best of Boise award in 2012!  I can’t believe it took me so long to stop in. Give it try, you’ll be glad you did.


Phone: 208.392.8493

Located at 3017 West State Street, right across from Lowell Elementary.


Tuesday – Saturday 11-6

Sunday 1-5

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