We’re getting an Elf

Scarlett the Elf

Scarlett the Elf riding herd on all the animals

This year, I finally broke down and allowed Santa to send us an Elf.  You know, the little Elf that sits on a shelf to watch over the children.  These Elves tend to cause lots of mischief, according to all the photos I’ve seen on my friends Facebook pages.  I mean, it seems like a mixed message they are sending to the children by causing all kinds of mischief when they are sent to the home in order to watch over the children and report back to Santa on whether the kids were naughty or nice.

Shouldn’t they just behave themselves up there on the shelf? What kind of stunts have your Elves pulled?

Our Elf will be arriving this week.  Should be interesting to find out what happens!

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